Beautiful! 7 tourist attractions in Waingapu You Must Get Photo

One of the four regencies on Sumba Island is East Sumba with an area of ​​about 7,000 km2 and covers 60% of the total area on Sumba Island with Waingapu as its capital. This island with the native language of the Sumbanese Kambera language has a diversity of tribes with the Sumbanese as the majority population.

The soil in East Sumba Regency contains sand, coral, and lime in it which turns out to be evidence that this area used to be below sea level and turned into land after going through the ice age.

So do not be surprised if visitors find various types of marine animals such as fish bones, shells, or marine plants that have now become fossils on coral hills, even grass grows on rocks. This district certainly has amazing tourism potential and here are 7 tourist attractions in Waingapu East Sumba that you must visit:

1. Bukit Warinding

The scenery offered by Warinding Hill in East Sumba is truly beautiful. Often used as a photo location for pre-wedding and private collections, especially before sunset.

The best time to visit this hill is from June to October when the season is dry with views of the brown grass. In addition to the hill, you can occasionally find Sumba children playing or herding their livestock.

For visitors who want to witness the natural beauty of Warinding Hill first hand, they can travel a distance of 30 minutes from Waingapu City by traveling to West Sumba with an uphill route. This hill is located right on the edge of the main access road from Waingapu to Waikabubak in Central Sumba and also Tambolaka in West Sumba.

2. Walakiri Beach

This beach with white sand and calm water is indeed very beautiful and should not be missed by East Sumba visitors. Only 30 minutes or about 23km from the center of Waingapu City with easy access by traveling routes to Melolo District, visitors can already enjoy the atmosphere here.

One thing that completes the view at Walakiri Beach is the mangrove tree which will look like the contorted body of a dancer when the water is receding. Towards sunset, the view becomes very stunning and calms the hearts of anyone who looks at it.

3. Waimarang Waterfall

As the name implies, Waimarang Waterfall is located in Waimarang Village. It is about 2 hours from Waingapu City. The hallmark of Waimarang Waterfall is that it has 3 levels with increasing difficulty levels with a rock wall terrain.

Like most waterfalls, visitors must first go through a stressful journey through the savanna. Lucky visitors will get a view of the horses grazing.

The trip will end when visitors have met a large area that is set up as a place for parking at a cost of IDR 5,000 for motorbikes and IDR 10,000 for cars. Furthermore, visitors still have to take a trekking route for 1 hour to be able to enjoy this natural waterfall.

4. Tanggedu Waterfall

This Tanggedu Waterfall can be enjoyed by visitors after traveling a distance of approximately 45km from Waingapu City by two-wheeled or four-wheeled vehicles. Before finally arriving at the destination, visitors will pass Mondu and the Traditional Village of Painatang.

Visitors can park at the location provided by residents and continue the 2.5 km journey to a turquoise waterfall whose water is refreshing, only paying IDR 5,000 for each visitor.

5. Pantai Watu Parunu

The next tourist spot in Waingapu is Watu Parunu Beach. In the local language, watu means stone and parunu means walking with your head down. When combined, the meaning of the word becomes bowed stone, which refers to the action of every visitor who will automatically lower his head when passing through the perforated rock that characterizes this beach.

Located quite far from Waingapu City which is about 135km, this beach has beautiful white rock cliffs that are naturally curved. It can really spoil the visitors who come.

6. Laiwangi Wanggameti National Park

Approximately 100 meters from Waingapu City, East Sumba has a national park with an area of ​​about 880 sq. km. In this complete park, there are all types of forests on Sumba including rare elfin forests. There are rare flora and fauna in this park and save the local culture. For example, ancient graves with carvings such as horses, buffalo, men and women. Not only that, there are also ancient tombs and traditional Sumbanese houses.

The scenery in Laiwangi Wanggameti National Park is no less amazing, namely Nangga Village, Wanggameti Village, and the Katikuwai Highlands and Wanggameti Peak. Overall, visitors can enjoy views of the lake and waterfalls in Painkareha, Waikanabu waterfall, and other natural scenery.

7. Salura Beach

Salura Beach is a tourist spot in Waingapu that you should also visit. This beach is about 100km from Waingapu City or 6 hours by road to arrive at the port of Katundu Village. The natural white sand welcomes the visitors.

About 300 meters from the shoreline, you can already hear the sound of local residents’ livestock, indicating that the life of the local community can be found, visitors can directly enjoy the sights of the daily activities of local residents.

5 Things You Need to Know About the Natural Beauty of Bukit Warinding, East Sumba!

Want to get a beautiful view of the hills, full of natural expanses that can make you calm and away from the hustle and bustle of the city? Try to visit Warinding Hill. Because, these hills can make you forget for a moment your busy life and can relieve your tiredness. Curious about the attraction of this hill? Just look at the information in this article.

Warinding Hill itself is a natural tourist area in East Sumba, precisely in Pambota Jara Village, Pandawai District. You can get a beautiful view of the savanna when you successfully set foot there. It’s no wonder that many of the tourists, both from within and outside the country, are eager to come and experience its beauty firsthand.

Of course, this area can also be one of the photo spots that will provide a very satisfying image result. So, instead of getting curious about the interesting facts behind the beauty of this hill, just take a look at some of the fact choices below!

The Enchantment of Warinding Hill – Easy Access

One of the advantages that you can get when you want to visit Warinding Hill is that the access is not too difficult. As long as you have the intention and use comfortable shoes, of course to be in these hills is not a difficult thing.

To be able to visit Warinding Hill, it takes approximately 30 minutes from downtown Waingapu via the route to Waikabubak in Central Sumba or Tambolaka in West Sumba. The location is also easy to find because it is on the edge of the road.

For that, you can immediately see and find Warinding Hill. This natural tourist area can also offer a view or natural panorama that will make your vacation more colorful and very memorable, you won’t regret it bro!

The charm of Bukit Warinding – Its Cool Air

Yep, one thing you can immediately feel when you are in Bukit Warinding is the very cool air condition. This is due to its location which is above an altitude of 100-200 meters above sea level.

Even along the road to Warinding Hill, you can already feel the coolness. So you will immediately feel comfortable when you are on this hill. No wonder the travelers who have set foot there, are eager to return.

Get ready to get a beautiful panorama of hilly meadows like dazzling waves. Your eyes seem to be spoiled by the panorama and natural scenery in these hills.

The Enchantment of Warinding Hills – Beautiful Hills

It’s not only the woman’s face that deserves to be worshiped, but the beauty of Warinding Hill itself will also make you complacent bro. Because it is very rare for you to find natural scenery as beautiful as this, other than at Warinding Hill.

The beautiful hills are circular in shape and make a gap in the middle like a crater. If you look at it, the beauty of Warinding Hill is like an expensive painting and exhibited. Anyway, it really deserves a thumbs up.

The serenity at Warinding Hill is also another attraction that you can get, of course, with a soft grass mat as a pillow that will make you want to linger to sit back and relax in these hills.

The Charm of Warinding Hill – Wrapped in Beautiful Grass

Apart from the beauty of the natural panorama, another attraction that is often the reason many travelers want to come back is the condition of the grass which is very beautiful. Not only beautiful, but also smooth.

You will feel like you are sitting on a spacious sofa coupled with beautiful natural scenery conditions. No wonder the feeling of comfort is always stuck in the head of anyone who has set foot on this hill.

Around this hilly area there are also houses of local residents. When the afternoon arrives, you will see the locals taking advantage of the natural beauty of this hill by playing, you will also see the locals herding horses or sheep in this hill area.

The Enchantment of Warinding Hill – Dusk is the Right Moment

Yeap, when you visit Warinding Hill, of course there are certain times that will make your moment on this hill even more beautiful. Precisely when it is dusk, the atmosphere in Bukit Warinding will turn into a paradise in East Sumba.

The grass that is blown by the breeze with the combination of blue sky and white clouds becomes a vision that will make you calm and certainly spoil the eyes. Dusk can also give an orange tinge, where the sun is almost setting, adding to the atmosphere of your adventure more beautiful.

It is not surprising that Warinding Hill is often a place or destination for travelers who want to get away for a moment from the hustle and bustle of everyday life that brings a fairly heavy feeling of fatigue.

Conclusion Tourist attractions in Waingapu

So what about the information about Bukit Warinding, bro? Hopefully it can be one of your guides when you want to visit Warinding Hill. Keep exploring the natural beauty that exists in Indonesia, because this country has a wide selection of natural tourist attractions that you should visit. Always be enthusiastic and don’t forget to take care of the preservation of every natural tourist spot you’ve ever visited!

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