11 Newest & Most Hits Tourist Attractions in Raja Ampat to Visit

Raja Ampat is the champion of vacation spots in Indonesia. In addition to having many enchanting spots, this area also has many other tourist attractions. Other tourist objects that are also famous in Raja Ampat are several tourist villages, hills, islands and the beauty of the sea like heaven.

Raja Ampat is a famous tourist spot all over the world. The natural beauty and paradise under the sea this tourist spot is always amazing. This tourist spot is a vacation location for travelers who like diving and snorkeling.

Access to the Raja Ampat location is difficult to reach, in addition to getting to this location it is also difficult to get transportation and can spend a large budget. This does not discourage tourists from coming to enjoy the beauty of paradise on earth in Raja Ampat. The following is a list of the most recommended tourist attractions.

1. Star Lagoon

The Star Lagoon in Raja Ampat has a beautiful star-shaped lagoon. This beautiful tourist spot is precisely on the island of Pianemo. This star-shaped lagoon can be enjoyed from the height of the hill. The Star Lagoon is surrounded by beautiful small islands. Where this cool tourist spot has not been touched by many tourists.

Tourists who visit can explore the natural beauty of the underwater star lagoon. In addition to the amazing underwater beauty. The clear water is also very refreshing. Under certain conditions in this place will appear some turtles and baby sharks around this place.

Tour Fees: From IDR 500,000; Map: Check Location

Address: Penemu Island, Saukabu, West Waigeo District, Kab. Raja Ampat, West Papua.

2. Misool’s Beauty

Misool is a must-visit area when visiting Raja Ampat. Exploring this place, tourists can find beautiful scenery. Where this view is used as a place to take pictures with friends.

This special place in Raja Ampat is the most popular place among visitors who have ever come. In addition, on the island of Misool, tourists can also dive to enjoy the beauty of the sea. There are mantas swimming around the rocks.

In the sea of ​​Misool Island, there are 75% of fish species that are diverse, unique and beautiful. If you swim further center you will likely be able to see swimming octopuses and whales.

Tour Fees: From IDR 500,000; Map: Check Location

Address: Lilinta, West Misool District, Kab. Raja Ampat, West Papua.

3. Peak of Harfat

The name Harfat is a combination of the names of the couple Harun and Fatimah. These two people found the peak of Harfat which is now hits to the ends of the world. Harfat Peak, which is part of Raja Ampat, is the most beautiful place.

The peak in Raja Ampat has a wooden ladder that can be used to get to the top. This place offers many great entertainment spots. There is a natural view of Raja Ampat from the height of the peak of Harfat.

In addition, there is a cave that has carvings bearing the pronunciation of Allah. According to several residents and guides around the location, this carving is a naturally formed carving. This cave was given the name of a sacred cave by local residents. In this sacred cave it is forbidden to make noise and it is forbidden to say dirty and ugly words.

Ticket Price: IDR 30,000; Map: Check Location

Address: East Misool District, Kab. Raja Ampat, West Papua.

4. Cool Spots on Pianemo

For tourists who come to just enjoy the beauty and natural panorama of this paradise in Eastern Indonesia, Pianemo is the right place. This pianemo has several small hills colliding in the middle of the sea.

In this place provides a place to take pictures that are fun and cool. View of the blue sea from the height of the hill. In addition, visitors can see a row of rocks in the middle of the beach which adds to the beauty of your photos here.

To get to the top of this cool Pianemo, tourists need to climb 320 wooden stairs. From a height you will see the natural beauty of Raja Ampat. The peak of this pianomo provides an amazing photo location. Where when the weather is sunny in this place will display the color gradations of the sea and beautiful coral reefs.

Ticket Prices: -; Map: Check Location

Address: Saukabu, West Waigeo District, Kab. Raja Ampat, West Papua.

5. Sawinggrai Tourism Village

Sawinggrai village tourism is very popular, there are beautiful birds from Papua. Birds of Paradise. This red bird of paradise is one of the most popular icons in Papua. This bird is known as the Bird of paradise.

In Papua there are four species of birds of paradise. The birds are red bird of paradise, small bird of paradise, rattan bird of paradise, and large bird of paradise. These birds can dance and become one of the entertainments in this Sawinggrai tourist village.

In addition to birds of paradise, tourists who come can get around this island using a boat or wooden boat. When traveling around the island, tourists will see small fish swimming on the surface of the clear water.

Ticket Prices: -; Map: Check Location

Address: Sawinggrai, Meos Mansar District, Kab. Raja Ampat, West Papua.

6. Giant Pencil Rock Cliff

This giant rock cliff in the middle of the beach has a tapered shape like a pencil. Around this pencil rock, there are also rows of rocks that adorn it.

This pencil-like rock is a symbol of the existence of this place. This most popular icon is one of the photo locations for tourists. Near this pencil rock there is a small pier which is a stopover for tourists who come and a place for tourist boats to dock.

Ticket Prices: -; Map: Check Location

Address: Wawiyai, South Waigeo District, Kab. Raja Ampat, West Papua.

7. Wayag . Island

Wayag, which is located in Raja Ampat, has extraordinary natural scenery. If the view in Wayag is observed from the top of the hill, it will display a beautiful natural panorama. The blue sea water and rows of green rocks filled with trees look very beautiful.

This location is used as a place to take pictures and is known worldwide in Raja Ampat. In addition to its natural beauty, in this place there are also many mantas and baby mantas. The area of ​​this island is about 155,000 hectares.

Around this island save a lot of diversity of fauna and flora in the sea and land. Wayag Island provides several exciting facilities that can entertain visitors. The facilities provided are playing jet ski, speed boat, other water games and traveling around the island.

Ticket Prices: -; Map: Check Location

Address: Selpele, West Waigeo District, Kab. Raja Ampat, West Papua.

8. Selpele Tourism Village

Selpele Raja Ampat Tourism Village is a tourist village that is also fun and crowded with tourists. This tourist village is located on an island which has the largest area in Raja Ampat.

In addition to entertainment from the village and on vacation, tourists can enjoy the natural beauty in this tourist village. Other activities can also be done, namely enjoying the beautiful sunset. Many tourists also do several activities with children in this village, namely playing together and fishing.

Visitors can see villagers’ activities such as weaving mats from sago leather or making senate and other activities. The people in this village are very kind and friendly.

Ticket Prices: -; Map: Check Location

Address: Selpele, West Waigeo District, Kab. Raja Ampat, West Papua.

9. Yenbuba Beautiful Tourist Village

This tourist village is one of the small villages in Raja Ampat. This village has the beauty of coral reefs that are amazing. This village is a favorite place for tourists who love snorkeling. When diving under the sea near this village, be prepared to see a group of fish swimming.

In this village there is a long pier made of wood. This place is a beautiful photo spot. The wooden pier looks unique seen from under the sea.

This view is very beautiful and enchanting. The underwater beauty can be enjoyed without having to dive or snorkel. Because the water is clear, you can see the fish swimming from the surface of the water.

Ticket Prices: -; Map: Check Location

Address: Yenbuba, Meos Mansar District, Kab. Raja Ampat, West Papua.

10. Sauwandarek Tourism Village

This tourist village offers local wisdom that makes you feel at home in this village. This Raja Ampat tourist village has many exciting and cool spots. These spots are used as a fun place to play with children around the beach or used as a cool place to take pictures.

This Sauwandarek Tourism village has residents who will welcome you in a friendly and kind manner. In addition to the kindness of the residents in this Sauwandarek Tourism village, there is also a very amazing beauty of the island.

Tourists can play in the water such as swimming with village children, walking through the village, or fishing together. After fishing and getting fish, tourists can burn fish with children. This excitement will only be found in the Tourism village of Sauwandarek Raja Ampat.

Ticket Prices: -; Map: Check Location

Address: Sauwandarek, Meos Mansar District, Kab. Raja Ampat, West Papua.

11. Rising Sand Beach

Another wonder in Raja Ampat is one of the special locations for tourists who visit. This place has raised sand and can be visited by tourists, this place is used as a cool tourist spot for visitors.

The sand that arises and can set foot is a fun photo and play spot for tourists who come. This embossed beach is in the middle of the Raja Ampat sea. This unique view can only be enjoyed at low tide.

The stretch of beach sand in Raja Ampat is a cool place for swimming and exciting beach baths. There are almost no waves on this beach. In this raised sand, tourists who come can take a walk to the middle of the sea.

Ticket Price: IDR 50,000; Map: Check Location

Address: Jl. Raja Ampat, Klasuur, Kec. Sorong, Sorong City, West Papua.

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