22 Lake Toba Tour, The Latest Location of beautiful place

Lake Toba Tourism Locations – It is predicted that as one of the five super priority destinations of Lake Toba , what are the latest changes that we can explore. Lake Toba is surrounded by several regencies such as Tobasa, Simalungun, North Tapanuli, Humbang Haangkalan, Dairi, Karo and Samosir.

In order to increase foreign tourist visitors, Lake Toba now comes with several new tourist destinations such as the Caldera Geopark and Sibea-bea with religious tourism that is ready to shake up world tourism. It is reported that a large statue, namely the statue of Jesus, was built in this village of Sibea-bea.

If the tourist clients come via Silangit Siborong-borong Airport, they can go directly to Balige, Tobasa (Toba Samosir). From Tobasa it is close to Samosir Island and to Parapat.

For those landing flights in Kualanamu, you can go via Tanah Karo and then go down to Tongging or if from Simalungun Pematang Siantar go down to Haranggaol where there are lots of fish cages.

Attractions of Lake Toba and Variety of Local Wisdom. The new route from Mendan city to Lake Toba via the toll road, guys..

However, the scenery will be different if you explore through the karo land , you will pass an orange garden, from Siantar Simalungun through oil palm and rubber plantations as well as coffee and tea gardens.

Traveling this time, we will discuss the uniqueness that exists in the Lake Toba area as a tourist attraction , which is based on local wisdom .

Because if the lake itself has existed for a long time, besides that, what else can be a tourist attraction to visit?

List of 22 Lake Toba Tourist Destinations with Exotic Nuances:

Because the admin of this writer has explored almost 80 percent of the Lake Toba area so I can still help you explore interesting spots here, last time I visited the Si Bisa area, a kind of park, so there is a coffee garden too.

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1. Bukit Sibea-Bea Lake Toba

The newest and most updated international standard destination, not only in Brazil, Indonesia, precisely in the Sibea-bea Hill area. It is a religious destination located in Boho Daily, Samosir Regency, North Sumatra.

This destination is ready to welcome foreign and local tourists with the splendor and beauty of the statue of Jesus. It should be noted that the main attraction of this tourist attraction is the presence of a statue of Jesus on the top of Sibea-bea hill.

2. Lake Toba Tour, The Caldera

This spot is called the Caldera Toba Nomadic Escape , or Geopark Caldera, one of the attractions located in Si Bisa, this includes between Tobasa Regency and Kab. Simalungun, guys, is more or less close to Parapat and Balige via Silangit Siborong-borong airport.

It should be noted that Toba Caldera was designated by UNESCO as a Global Geopark at the 209th Session of the UNESCO Executive Council in Paris, France, Tuesday (2/7/2020).

This place has also been visited by Mr. President Jokowidodo because it is an area that is being built to achieve the Super Priority Destination mission.

Besides the lake, you can also see the cultivation of coffee plants, one of the most popular types of commodities today, coffee is everywhere, guys…

this is what mimin explores the meaning of the local wisdom, besides the lake tour there is also a coffee cultivation collaboration, so you know what Simalungun coffee tastes like…

If in this area, Mimin calls the local women, Namboru , now I know that in the Batak tribe there is a name for the traditional clan name typical of the Batak people.

Why did I call Namboru, mimin remembered the same song about eating dog meat with koll vegetables. This village is still close to the wholesalers.

How is the connection between coffee farming and the local community’s traditions, so to get to this place, the closest is the Silangit Airport route for the public.

3. Lake Toba Tour, Bukit Tara Bunga

A hill with views as far as the eye can see 360 ​​degrees, guys, so you can enjoy the view of Lake Toba with a 360-degree perspective.

Tobasa Village, Balige, this hotel inn has quite a number of friends, so you don’t have to worry about staying overnight.

The location of Tara Bunga hill is in Tobasa (Toba Samosir) by road by car from Silangit Airport to Tobasa, it’s about 30 minutes.

4. Beach in Parapat Lake Toba

This Parapat tourist location is a legend , guys, in the past around 1999 I was still in grade 1 SD, there were many tourists who came here.

That’s why hotel and culinary facilities are complete here, where you can buy souvenirs and souvenirs typical of Batak culture here.

5. Haranggaol Lake Toba Tourism Horizon

This village in Simalungun Regency used to be around the 90s synonymous with Monday Market, so every Monday the village is very crowded by buyers and sellers .

The moment was very exotic and very sexy, it would be crowded with visitors from Toba, Samosir and then from several villages such as, Nagori, Sihalpe, Binangara, Gaol, Nagori Purba, Huta Imbaru, Shoping, Shopping Saba, Bage, Sibolangit coming to Haranggaol Senen Market. .

Visually, large ships look beautiful competing in the middle of the lake when they go to the market carrying agricultural crops, some use small boats and even manual canoes / rowing boats, unfortunately that tradition is no longer visible even though local wisdom like that is very attractive to foreign tourists like the example picture below is one of the documentation of the Dutch Herald foreigners at that time.

Entering the 2000s, the people here are typical with cage livelihoods, such as carp, catfish and tilapia. Over time, this village has turned into a tourist destination.

The regulations for placing cages have been implemented so that they are not chaotic, more stable and pleasing to the eye, so making regulations still provide solutions, guys, it’s not people’s livelihoods that are eliminated :D.

6. Tongging Waterfall Sipiso-piso Coastal Lake Toba

Almost the same as Haranggaol Village, the difference is that Tongging Village is entered into Karo Regency, a special Friday market location, guys.

Let’s go into the old times, so you know how exotic this village was in the 80-90s…

So, every Friday there will be a lot of people flocking from various villages to this market, via the lake route using boats with the aim of selling crops from the fields.

To complete this story, let’s look at the visualization of the village of Tongging long ago with the culture and local wisdom of the Batak tribe.

Tradition and cultural values ​​typical of the Batak tribe are very thick nowadays, guys, it will be very different if you look at the visualization of Tongging today.

Now, there are many sailing boat tours that use the wind on Lake Toba on the Tongging side, guys…

7. Lake Toba Silalahi

Close to the village of Tongging, this village is a good tourist spot, guys, if you draw the broad outline of Lake Toba, the most extensive area in the area between the villages of Silalahi, Tongging, shopping, Nagori ancient scorching to Haranggaol, it’s a very broad perspective in the position you are standing in the village of Soping. and the waves are big.

8. Lake Toba Tour, Tuk Tuk

Before Lake Toba was designated as one of the 10 priority destinations by Pak Jokowi for 2014-2019 and was again designated as one of the 5 Super Priority destinations for the 2020-2024 period , this tuk tuk destination was often visited by foreign tourists.

Two periods (10 years) disburse funds to promote Lake Toba tourism, if it doesn’t have a significant impact, that’s fine…

9. Lake Toba Batu Hanging Tour

The famous legend in the Batak community is the hanging stone, the closest to here can be from Tobasa and Samosir Island.

But in essence, from the entire area of ​​​​Lake Toba, you can reach this location by renting a boat from local residents.

10. Pusuk Buhit or Simarjarunjung

Visiting here feels like being in Raja Ampat, guys , look, the view is amazing, isn’t it? Also read Papuan Local Wisdom, Complete Pictures and Explanations

11. Samosir Island Area (Middle Point of the Lake)

This island of Samosir has been widely discussed in various media and the facilities here such as culinary and complete lodging are already available, guys.

There are many villages that you can explore here. f all the sights of Lake Toba that I have listed, I will map it on the map first so you know the point on the map. You travel in Likupang first , Likupang Tourism Object, Super Priority Destination!

10 points of tourist spots in Lake Toba, North Sumatra

Administratively, Paropo village belongs to Dairi district, next to Silalahi and Tongging villages, interesting tourist destinations in Paropo are lake shores and baths in the lake area. In addition, you can also enjoy a variety of local cuisine specialties.

No less interesting tie Paropo village is the interest of tourists for camping activities on the shores of Lake Toba with an amazing view.

13. Tourism in Sibolangit Village

Traveling to Sibolangit village does not always have to visit Dua Warna Waterfall, in this natural tourist area it turns out that there are other spots that are rarely visited or known to the public. Call it Batu Belah which can be used as a special new holiday agenda for adventurers. In addition, there is also a view of the greenery of residents’ plantations and views of Lake Toba.

The location or location of Sibolangit Village is included in the Deliserdang Regency area .

14. Ancient Nagori Village Tour

One of the famous things from this village is its agricultural products, namely mango, siudang and onions. Make no mistake in this village, there are many typical Ateng coffee plantations from Simalungun. For tourists who like to swim, there is also a white sandy beach near the Nagoripurba Elementary School.

Well, in the past, around the 90s, there were lots of anglers who visited Lake Toba, precisely in the ancient Nagori village because it was famous for its delicious and savory grilled tilapia. To be able to reach this village, you can go via the Tongging Village, Karo Regency, there are land routes and lake water routes using boats.

This village is also famous for the Tappar Sihilap waterfall, a kind of gazing or gazing at Lake Toba with an amazing perspective as far as the eye can see. ️

15. Lake Toba Holbung Hill Tour

If observed from the map above, this Holbung hill tourist location is close to Balige and Siborong-borong Silangit airport. The scenery here is amazing, guys.

16. Ephrata Falls

Interested in visiting this destination? following Address: Sosor Dolok, Harian, Sosor Dolok, Harian, Samosir Regency, North Sumatra 22396.

17. Situmurun Waterfall

Location: Jonggi Nihuta, Lumban Julu, Hatinggian, Lumban Julu, Toba Samosir Regency, North Sumatra 2238.

18. Hoda Stone Beach

This tourist address: Tigaras, Dolok Pardamean, Simalungun Regency, North Sumatra 21163.

19. Lake Toba Gibeon Hill Bathing Tour

Address: Parsaoran Sibisa, Ajibata, North Sionggang, Lumban Julu, Toba Samosir Regency, North Sumatra.

20. Sipiso-Piso Hills

Mimin had traveled to this hill when she had just graduated from college with some college friends who lived in the tongging area. The address or location of this hill is in Tongging Village, Karo Regency, North Sumatra.

Usually, after stopping by the Sipiso-piso waterfall, tourists also climb this hill to get a beautiful view as wide as Lake Toba. The road to this hill is good and can be passed by two and four wheels if there are no fallen trees or landslides.

21. Touring Lake Toba

Now this one option you can do by renting a ship, it’s up to you to land from which angle, if you land from the Balige side of Tobasa Regency then you can start touring Lake Toba from here.

However, if you go down to Lake Toba via Tongging or Haranggaol kab. Simalungun or Karo, please rent a boat starting from here until you finish walking around the lake and visit all the tourist spots, the last one where you stay is the end of the tour .

22. Lake Toba Tourism Souvenir Shopping Center

Yes, when we go on vacation without souvenirs, right, besides being able to help the local community’s economy, we can also make gifts or gifts for relatives at home. Recommended markets that you can visit for shopping typical of North Sumatra.

Ulos weaving, almost all corners of the lake village have ulos, so you can buy them, but for accessories, you can go near the city of Samosir Island, or in Parapat and Balige.

Finally, related to Lake Toba Tourist Spots

It’s interesting, guys, the tourist spots that I recommend, if there are errors in my writing, I’m sorry… maybe you guys are confused and ask why I didn’t discuss the BO ( the Authority ) so far I haven’t seen their output and performance indicators . In terms of indicators that can be measured and provide outcomes or impacts on community economic growth.

I myself am confused about what ecosystem they have built for the tourism sector and the creative economy, if the amazing view is innate to Lake Toba from the Creator.

When compared to the annual budget ceiling and budget realization (budget absorption) and how many years it has been going, there should have been something significant, but I don’t know, please correct it, so what, please comment if there is so I can update it later, in addition to meetings and visits, thanks.

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