8 Bunaken Marine Tourism Points to Enjoy the Underwater Nature

Who doesn’t know Bunaken? Bunaken National Park area is a beautiful marine park area and is located in North Sulawesi. This national park is very beautiful because it is famous for its underwater natural beauty. The advantage of Bunaken Tourism  is that there are many colorful marine life and coral reefs. Here are some explanations and popular points in Bunaken Marine Tourism.

1. Bunaken Timor

Bunaken TimorOne of the famous spots in Indonesia’s Most Beautiful Tourist Places  is Bunaken Timor. Where this point is very interesting to explore by diving. But you should really master the technique because the current there is quite strong.

The beauty of the underwater park in Bunaken Timor is unquestionable because there you will find beautiful coral reefs and marine life.

The types of fish there are large and small fish. In addition, there are also sea turtles that can be found there. In it there are also underwater caves that are very beautiful. There is also seaweed with various types.

2. Mandolin

MandolinThe next interesting place in Bunaken Marine Tourism is the diving point or the Mandolin dive point. This point is very interesting because it has walls and peaks of naturally formed rocks.

The walls and tops of these corals are a habitat for fish and other marine biota to live. One type of fish that can be found in this Mandolin is a group of surgeonfish, bannerfish, or unicornfish.

These fish are tame fish and easy to approach humans. There are also caves at the bottom of the sea that are inhabited by fish as well. However, this point is quite safe for visitors to Bunaken National Park.

3. Front of the Church

Church FrontThe next interesting dive point to explore while in Bunaken is the Church Front. This one dive point is suitable for snorkeling. The underwater beauty of this place is truly captivating.

The interesting thing about this place is the shallow water fish that live there. But there are also at most that lead to the sea wall. The rock walls there have vertical cracks and also small caves.

There are also unique types of coral. While the fish that are there are typical reef fish such as anemones. If you’re lucky, you can also find white tip reef sharks roaming the underwater caves.

4. Barracuda Peak

Barracuda PeakThe next dive point in Bunaken Marine Tourism which is also interesting to visit is Barracuda Peak or Barracuda Pont. This point is one of the World’s Most Popular Indonesian Tourist Attractions  and has a current that is formed from its position which is in the alternation between sandy areas and coral reefs.

This place is the dive point that is farthest from the other dive points. Its position is in the northwest part of Bunaken. The interesting thing about this dive site is the presence of a large group of barracudas.

You can also see tuna and jack fish. This is what causes this point to be called the Barracuda Peak or Barracuda Point. In addition, there are also soft corals and sponges.

5. Shipwrecks in Manado

Ship Ruins in ManadoThe next place to enjoy marine tourism in Bunaken is the Ship Ruins in Manado. This place has its own uniqueness. As the name suggests, there are ships under the sea.

This ship has a size of approximately 60 meters and is located at a depth of approximately 23 meters on the seabed. History records that this ship was a German ship that sank on Molas Beach in the 40s.

Of course the tourists who dive there can see the wreck of this ship. even the wheelhouse and cargo handles can be seen. Now the ship is also overgrown with beautiful corals.

6. Siladen

The advantage of Indonesian Marine TourismSiladen  is that it has many islands and many dive points. Bunaken Marine Tourism also has Siladen as one of the interesting places to be explored. This place is suitable for snorkeling because it has beautiful and smooth coral walls.

The current that is there will also make this place more lively. The depth of the sea is quite shallow, so visitors can explore it more safely.

The types of fish that can be found there are quite a lot and varied. For example moorish idol, butterflyfish, and so on. the sea water is very clear will also make the natural scenery in the area can be freely immortalized with a camera. You should try snorkeling there.

7. Cape coffee

Diving in Bunaken will never end to be discussed. There are plenty of dive points there. One of the famous ones is Tanjung Kopi. This place needs to be explored more deeply.

The interesting thing about this place is that there is a wall which is a favorite place for barracuda fish and sweatlips. So you can try to find the fish on the wall.

However, the visibility at this dive point is less clear, unlike Siladen. This makes the scenery there less attractive and difficult to capture with a camera. However, there are several types of fish that can be found there, such as fire gobies and nudi branch.

8. Tembok Lekuan

Tembok LekuanThere is another favorite dive point in Bunaken Marine Tourism, namely Lekuan Wall. This indentation wall is a wall with a fairly long size. This place is divided into three parts which are named Lekuan Walls I, II, and III.

All three are at one of the best points of several other dive points in Bunaken National Park. The walls are steep and have deep cracks.

The interesting thing about this place is that there are sea fans and also giant sponges which may be difficult to find at other dive points. For the types of fish that are easily found there are big parrot fish and also types of sea turtles.

Bunaken Marine Park Location

Geographically, Bunaken Marine Park is located in Bunaken Village, Bunaken District, Manado City, North Sulawesi. This place has a distance of approximately 7 miles from Manado Harbor which is usually taken within 50 minutes.

This marine park which is also a national park includes 5 islands, namely Bunaken Island, Naen Island, Manado Tua Island, Siladen Island, and Mantehage Island. There are also several other island children surrounding it.

You can visit this place at any time. This is due to the absence of an off season period. However, for those who want to dive, it is better to visit from May to August when the sea water is crystal clear with air temperatures reaching 26 to 31 degrees Celsius.

Bunaken Marine Park Dive Point

In the 75,265 hectare park, there are 390 types of coral reefs and 90 species of fish that live in this water area. Not to mention the many marine mammals, reptiles, birds, mollusks, and mangroves that grow around the marine park.

This is what invites the presence of tourists to dive. The dive points of the Bunaken Marine Park include East Bunaken, Barracuda Peak, Mandolin, Siladen, Tanjung Kopi, shipwrecks, and the Lekuan Wall which consists of three places, namely Lekuan I, II, and III.

In addition to the underwater beauty, Bunaken also offers the beauty of the islands that surround it, not to mention the opportunity to witness cultural tourism inhabited by the Bajo Tribe.

Bunaken Marine Park Facilities and Accommodations

For those of you who want to linger in this tourist spot, it’s not legitimate to worry. The reason is, the existence of accommodation and complete facilities can be easily found. The room price range per night here is starting from 40 thousand rupiah.

If you want to stay in Manado City, there are many hotels that you can stay in, so you can order a daily ticket package to get to Bunaken Island. To support activities while there, several places provide snorkeling equipment, diving equipment, and underwater cameras to document your activities there.

Transportation to Bunaken Marine Park

To reach the city of Manado, is now no longer difficult. There are various airlines that provide routes so you can get to your destination directly. One that must be tried is Citilink.

This favorite airline has direct flights with the cheapest prices from Jakarta to Manado which land directly at Sam Ratulangi Airport, so you don’t need to transit anymore. The trip will take approximately 3 hours.


Those are some explanations about Bunaken Marine Tourism which is interesting to visit. Excellence Wisata Indonesia  Bunaken is a paradise for divers. So if you want to visit there, make sure you really like the underwater beauty. If you don’t dive, you will lose. May be useful.

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