5 Enchanting Attractions in Mount Rinjani on Lombok Island

Attractions in Mount Rinjani, the name of one of the mountains on the island of Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, is very popular for tourists. With an altitude of 3,726 m above sea level, Rinjani has been named the third highest mountain in Indonesia. The mountain that stands firmly and dominates the scenery of East Lombok is located in the beautiful Mount Rinjani National Park area which is rich with interesting natural attractions.

Mount Rinjani is one of the climbing destinations for mountain explorers in Indonesia and even abroad. With challenging and varied terrain, Mount Rinjani is one of the most sought after mountains by climbers. In addition, it turns out that Mount Rinjani also has a very interesting charm. These are the five charms.

1. Sambalun Lawang Savanna

Sembalun Lawang is a climbing route for Mount Rinjani which is very suitable for beginners. At the starting point of this hiking trail, climbers start climbing from the Sembulan Lawang Savana.

Sembulan Lawang offers a stunning view of the typical savanna with a length of about 6 kilometers for climbers. As far as the eye can see, this savanna is dominated by grass that grows towering with a height of 1 to 1.5 meters. The panorama of the savanna is even more perfect with the beautiful and charming background of Mount Rinjani.

2. Palawangan Sembalun and the romantic sunset

Palawangan Sembalun is a location that is quite wide and is usually used as a place to spend the night for climbers of Mount Rinjani. In addition to its relatively sloping and flat location, this place was chosen as the location for setting up a tent because it faces directly into Segara Anak.

Here the climbers can rest to recover energy and stamina and then continue the ascent to the summit of Rinjani. In the afternoon, don’t miss the sunset view from the area around Palawangan Sembalun. Because from here we can see the beauty of the island of Lombok which is decorated with the sheen of dusk if we are lucky. Also how many mountain peaks, like a majestic mountain shrouded by clouds.

3. Fresh Child

Who doesn’t know Ranu Kumbolo in Semeru? The lake, whose beauty is worldwide, has become a bone of contention for millions of eyes and the camera lenses of tourists who pass through it. Not infrequently there are also many visitors who are willing to travel long distances just to stop and spend the night in the silence. Well, if you’ve been drooling with Ranu Kumbolo Gunung Semeru, you should try stopping at Segara Anak.

Segara Anak, an instagramable anti-mainstream lake tour. The color of the clear water coupled with the pleasant scenery around the lake makes anyone not tired of looking at it. Segara Anak is one of the charms of this tourist spot that is able to calm the heart. Like living in a fairy tale world decorated with stunning charm. Segara Anak will be able to hypnotize anyone who visits him.

4. Finger Rock Mountain

Mount Batu Jari or also often referred to as Mount Anak Rinjani is a new mountain located in the caldera east of the tourist area. This mountain was formed in 1944 with a crater width of about 170 meters and a length of 200 meters, while its height reaches 2,296-2,376 m above sea level.

This small, exotic mountain above Segara Anak is still active and has erupted several times. When normal conditions climbers can see Mount Batu Jari which stands firmly in the caldera of Mount Rinjani on the south side. Mount Batu Jari is even more beautiful when combined with the clear and blue water from Segara Anak. This is what makes many climbers miss the charm of climbing in this tourist attraction.

5. Rinjani Peak

One of the main goals of climbing a mountain is to enjoy the sensation of its peak. Yes, of course so, and we need to know together that each peak has a different sensation. Likewise with the peak of this tourist site which is also known as the peak of Anjani.

From this peak we can see the entire mountain and the amazing view of Lombok and Sumbawa. Puncak Anjani will once again be able to make every eye shoot and refuse to leave it.

10 Spots of Beautiful Goddess Waterfalls Around Attractions in Mount Rinjani Lombok

Who says that the charm of natural beauty in Lombok, East Nusa Tenggara is only Mount Rinjani and a row of beautiful beaches? Your exploration is not wide enough, here!

If Lombok reminds you of the beauty of Senggigi Beach and Gili Trawangan, I apologize in advance if your exploration has not been too deep here. But, that’s okay – when you are going to climb Mount Rinjani, please remember this discussion.

Why? Because in this discussion, you will be invited to explore around Mount Rinjani to meet 10 figures of nymphs or goddesses from heaven who are extraordinarily beautiful. Eits, that’s just a persona, you know, what the goddesses mean is a waterfall whose natural beauty is extraordinary.

Well, so you don’t know that around Mount Rinjani there are at least 10 waterfalls that you must visit? God, this proves that these goddesses ‘hide’ well. However, the truth is – there are several waterfalls that are already quite popular and well-known among adventurers.

Well, without waiting any longer, please prepare yourself and all your trekking equipment, let’s go to explore 10 beautiful waterfalls around Mount Rinjani, Lombok – East Nusa Tenggara!

Sendang Gile Waterfall

The unique name of this natural beauty turns out to have its own story from the surrounding community, you know. This waterfall was discovered by local people when they were hunting a lion that entered their village.

Apart from this unique story, Sendang Gile Waterfall doesn’t need to be doubted anymore about its natural beauty. Having a height of 32 meters, the water discharge is quite heavy, it will certainly refresh all parts of your body.

Tiu Kelep Waterfall, Senaru

Located close to the previous waterfall, the entrance to Tiu Kelep Waterfall, Senaru is in front of the Galang Ijo restaurant. To get to this waterfall, you will pass through a water tunnel. Solidify your guts when passing through this water tunnel.

The natural beauty of Tiu Kelep Senaru Waterfall is already popular and well-known among adventurers. In fact, some of them are willing to spend a little longer time being hypnotized by its natural beauty.

Torean Waterfall

Just like the two previous waterfalls, you can’t just miss the natural beauty of Torean Waterfall. Being on the Mount Rinjani climbing route from the Sembalun and Senaru routes, at least to get to the entrance, you need 2 hours of trekking.

Aik Genit Waterfall

Not far from Penimbungan Waterfall, you can visit Aik Genit Waterfall with just one hour trekking trip.

Pancor Mas . Waterfall

Not far from the previous waterfall, Pancor Mas Waterfall is located not far from the trail of Mount Rinjani. Just trekking from Aik Genit Waterfall for half an hour, you can already meet this beautiful goddess.

Hot Cold Waterfall Goa Susu

On the Torean hiking trail, there is a cave called Susu Cave. Close to the cave, there is a waterfall called the Hot Cold Waterfall, Gua Susu. Here, you are highly recommended and it is recommended to take a bath there because it can restore your soreness and fatigue when climbing Mount Rinjani.

Tiu Pupus Waterfall

Tiu means puddle, pupus means a root. So you can imagine the unique shape of this waterfall, bro. Having a height of 50 meters and having a large pool underneath, Tiu Pupus Waterfall is quite in demand because of its extraordinary natural beauty.

Ganges Falls

Well, this beautiful goddess or waterfall is quite far from the others. Located in north Lombok, Gangga Waterfall has a charm that is no less beautiful than the others. The view of the rice fields from the high cliffs makes you feel at home here.

Sekeper Waterfall

One of the goddesses with the best hiding is this Sekeper Waterfall. It is evident that not many adventurers have managed to come to this waterfall. The main attraction is the title of the highest waterfall on the island of Lombok.

Sweet Orange Waterfall

Well, if Sekeper Waterfall is a goddess who is very good at hiding, it is different with Jeruk Manis Waterfall, here. Eits, the water is not as sweet as oranges, huh! The waterfall, which is still located around Mount Rinjani, has been managed by many hands.

This can be seen from the various facilities that are already there. Call it homestays, cottages, restaurants and various other public facilities, have been built here. Wow, more comfortable!


Those are the five charms of Mount Rinjani attractions that you should feel when visiting the island of Lombok. If you are still inexperienced in climbing or as a beginner climber, we recommend that you join the service providers of climbing Mount Rinjani attractions. In addition to the safety factor, you will also get a lot of stories about this location from them. Enjoy the enchanting beauty of Mount Rinjadi, Lombok.

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